Manseau’s Group

micheline Micheline Manseau
Wildlife Ecologist
Office of the Chief Ecosystem Scientist
Parks Canada
Associate Professor
Natural Resources Institute
University of Manitoba

 Research Staff – Current

 McFarlane Samantha McFarlane
GIS Spatial AnalystNatural Resources Canada, Trent University

 Post Doctoral & Graduate Students – Current

jean_polfus_bw Jean Polfus (PhD). The concept of population – diversity in perspectives and implications for conservation.
NRI, University of Manitoba.
Conny_2013-02-12b Corneylia Klütsch (Postdoctoral) [co-supervision with Dr. Paul Wilson]. Phylogeny of Rangifer using advanced genomic tools – implications for Designatable Units under COSEWIC.
Trent University.
Rebekah Horn (Postdoctoral) [co-supervision with Dr. Paul Wilson]. From genetics to genomics.
Trent University.
20141217-_JLP2081 Pauline Priadka (Master). Genetic connectivity of Boreal Woodland caribou in central Canada.
NRI, University of Manitoba.
David Gossen (Master). Spatial capture-mark-recapture population modelling.NRI, University of Manitoba.
 amybrown Amy Brown (Master). Integration of Inuit knowledge and perspectives in the management of protected areas – Auyuittuq National Park.
NRI, University of Manitoba.
NRI Veronica Wojtuszewska (Master). Visual representation of spatio-temporal ecological data.
NRI, University of Manitoba.

Students Recently Graduated

Laura Thompson (PhD) [co-supervision with Dr. Paul Wilson]. Conservation genetics of woodland caribou in the central boreal forest of Canada. Trent University.

Philip Bertrand (Master) [co-supervision with Dr. Paul Wilson]. Measuring directionality in gene flow. Trent University.

Samantha McFarlane (Master). Estimation of demographic population parameters using non-invasive methods. NRI, University of Manitoba. (pdf)

Laura Hebert (Master) [co-supervision with Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt]. A historical ecological analysis of caribou in northern Manitoba. NRI, University of Manitoba.

Amy Flaso (Master). Sociogenetics: Exploring fine-scale social structure of woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou). NRI, University of Manitoba.

Maegwin Bonar (Honours Thesis) On steeper slopes: habitat and social traits relative to predation on white-tailed deer and mule deer fawns. (pdf)

Lionel Leston (PhD) Transmission Lines as Tall-grass Prairie Habitats. (pdf)

Paul Galpern (PhD) Landscape genetics. (pdf)

Andrew Miller (PhD) Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge of fire ecology. (pdf)

Peter Hettinga (Master). Non-invasive sampling methods to estimate population demographic parameters. (pdf)

Karin Johanson (Master). Inuit perspectives on safety measures. (pdf)

Maria Arlt (Master). Historical landscape changes. (pdf)

Maria Arlt (Honours Thesis). Historical distribution of boreal caribou in the Prince Albert Greater Ecosystem in relation to landscape change. (pdf)

Paula Hughson (Master). The tundra landscape. (pdf)

Devin Imrie (Master). Traditional knowledge on sea ice change. (pdf)

Jeff Clark (Master). Habitat availability and genetic diversity of woodland caribou. (pdf)

Casidhe Dyke (Master). Woodland caribou calving habitat. (pdf)

Stephen Petersen (PhD). [P.Wilson supervisor] Spatial genetic patterns of arctic mammals.

Madea Curtenau (Master). Recovery of endangered species. (pdf)

Mark Ball (PhD) [P.Wilson main supervisor]. Conservation genetics of boreal caribou.

Jason Kelly (Master). Communities for conservation. (pdf)

Carrie-Anne Lander (Master). Distribution and movements of woodland caribou. (pdf)

Stacey Wood (Master). Distribution and nesting habitat of least bitterns. (pdf)

Janna Goldrup (Master). Influence of different land use type on the movement of ungulates.

Christian St-Pierre (Master). Use of remote sensing in wildlife surveys.