Steering Committee

Responsible for overall project management.

  • Gary Mouland, Ecosystem Scientist, Resource Conservation Manager
    • Responsibilities: Reports on progress, Monitor achievement of outcomes; supervise project coordinator
    • Qualifications: Many years of experience working on collaborative ecological research projects with local communities. More than 20 years working for Parks Canada in the Resource Conservation Function.
  • Nancy Anilniliak, Nunavut Field Unit Superintendent
    • Responsibilities: Reporting and accountability for project
    • Qualifications: Many years of experience in park management and law enforcement in Nunavut National Parks. Extensive knowledge of Inuit knowledge and experience of park areas.
  • Micheline Manseau, Western and Northern Canada Service Centre Ecologist
    • Responsibilities: Link to University of Manitoba, advice on funding proposals, supervise graduate students, and input into developing framework for bridging TEK and science.
    • Qualifications: PhD Wildlife Ecology; extensive work experience in northern ecology and actively involved in research related to aboriginal knowledge in protected areas planning and wildlife species management.
  • Richard Leonard, Western and Northern Canada Service Centre, Manager of Ecosystem Services
    • Responsibilities: Provides communication links between the WNCSC and the NFU as well as filling resource gaps (personnel); provides big picture view of the progress of the project
    • Qualifications: Supervision and allocation of professional services to Parks Canada, signatory to MoA between Parks Canada and the University of Manitoba
  • Elisapee Karetak, Project Coordinator
    • Responsibilities: Leads and coordinates project; accountable for results; contributes to funding proposals; leads partnership development with Inuit organizations; leads Working Group development and coordination; contributes to research plan implementation; contract management; leads community consultation; leads curriculum development and Inuktitut terminology efforts; primary spokesperson for the overall project.
    • Qualifications: Extensive experience working with Nunavummiut; in particular, working with youth and elders to incorporate Inuit knowledge into the Nunavut schools system and within the operations of the Nunavut justice system; strong bilingual (Inuktitut-English) communications skills.
  • Anne Kendrick, Research Associate
    • Responsibilities: Leads and coordinates project; accountable for results; lead in developing funding proposals; leads academic partnership development; leads research plan development and implementation; contract management; participates in community consultation; advises researchers on methodological issues, database structure, information collection protocols and to produce peer-reviewed products on project results.
    • Qualifications: Ph.D., Natural Resource Management, extensive experience working with northern communities to document local environmental knowledge; academic training in ecology, human geography and interdisciplinary studies